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CNAL – National Council of the Legal Amazon

CNAL is a council dedicated to the preservation and sustainable development of the Amazon. It is made up of the vice-president of the Republic's office and 14 federal government ministries.
The National Council of the Legal Amazon was created in 1993, during the Itamar Franco government, under the Ministry of the Environment. In February 2020, the Bolsonaro government transferred its coordination to the vice-presidency of the Republic. Its general attributions include: coordinating and integrating government actions related to the Legal Amazon; proposing policies and initiatives related to the preservation, protection, and sustainable development of the Legal Amazon; strengthening the presence of public power in the Legal Amazon; monitoring the implementation of public policies aimed at social inclusion and citizenship in the Legal Amazon; ensuring the improvement and integration of environmental protection systems; and supporting scientific research, technological development and innovation. Among the initiatives presented by the Council is the Amazon Plan 2021-2022, which will replace the Verde Brasil operations, coordinated by the Ministry of Defense to curb environmental crimes in border areas, indigenous lands, and conservation units. The plan, provided for in CNAL’s strategic actions, provides guidelines for inspections and actions combating environmental and land-related crimes, focusing on: prioritizing areas where crimes can more decisively impact the results of environmental management; increasing the effectiveness of inspections and strengthening public agencies; containing illegal activities and offering sustainable socioeconomic alternatives to the population. The CNAL also works together with the Armed Forces in Guarantee of Law and Order (GLO) operations in protected areas and, upon request from governors, in the states of the Legal Amazon. A GLO enacted in June 2021 focuses on curbing deforestation, fires, and other environmental offenses, especially during the drought in the Amazon. Despite the widespread mobilization of public agencies and the Armed Forces, civil entities, environmentalists and researchers point to the inefficiency of government actions in the real and effective fight against deforestation and other crimes against the Amazon. In 2020, the fines applied by Ibama for crimes in the region fell by half compared to 2018, even with the “reinforcement” of more than 3,000 soldiers as of May 2020.

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trees cut down in 2023

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trees cut down in 2023
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