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Deforestation in the Legal Amazon in 2022

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Nearly 500 million trees cut down in the Brazilian Amazon in 2021

Forestry dashboard presented shows that more than 1 thousand trees were cut down per minute. The forest’s destruction interferes with the rainfall regime and increases greenhouse gas emissions.


Eletrobras privatization could increase deforestation and emissions in Brazil

Estimates indicate greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector will grow by 33% if amendments included in the omnibus bill, known as “tortoises”,are approved along with the privatization of the company, which is responsible for almost a third of energy produced in the country.

Explosive herd growth in the Amazon challenges Brazil’s cut in methane emissions

The regional herd has grown by almost 1000% since the 1970s and today represents over 40% of the total national amount. Brazil signed a commitment to reduce 30% of its greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade and will have to review its cattle husbandry practice in forest areas.

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