Every year the number of trees felled increases

And this is why PlenaMata exists.

The PlenaMata platform was built around this vision. We mobilize people, enterprises, institutions, and communities for a key purpose: to support, together, forest conservation and an end to deforestation in the Amazon.

Here, knowledge generates movement. This is why we bring together data, indicators, analysis and highlight Amazon conservation and regeneration initiatives.

Learn more about the situation of the forest and contribute to its conservation and regeneration.
 Mapping and analysis

Stories, information, and localized and contextualised data on the Amazon.

 Good initiatives

New ideas, technologies, methodologies, models, and good examples of projects for conservation and ending deforestation in the Amazon.

 Knowledge data

Shared information network for knowledge generation, focusing on ecosystems, producer chains, traditional communities and peoples.

 Collective mobilization

We encourage new commitments and actions, bringing together different societal actors. We are always open to participation by individuals and organizations.

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Our partners
  • Natura

    Established in 1969, in São Paulo, Brazil, Natura creates products and services that promote the harmonious relationship of people with themselves, with others and with nature – the well-being of the good. For 20 years, Natura has been developing sustainable economic alternatives for the Amazon and currently contributes to the conservation of two million hectares of forest in the region.

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  • MapBiomas

    MapBiomas is a collaborative network formed by NGOs, universities, and technology start-ups to bring to light transformations in the Brazilian territory through science, making knowledge about land use accessible in support of conservation and combatting climate change. It has carried out annual land cover and land use mapping since 1985, validated and reported every deforestation event detected in Brazil since January 2019, and monitored surface water and fire scars monthly since 1985.

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  • InfoAmazonia

    InfoAmazonia is a media outlet founded in 2012 devoted to covering the principal socio-environmental themes of the Brazilian Amazon region and the nine countries of the region. InfoAmazonia’s journalistic coverage is informed by data and maps to tell stories through geo-journalism, innovative reporting, and by collaboration with other national and international media in research and joint publication.

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  • Hacklab/

    hacklab/ is a technology company that offers digital solutions for building a society with greater transparency and awareness.

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  • Natura & Co

    At Natura &Co, we all share a passion for innovation. Our goal is to develop products, experiences and services that help our consumers feel confident and healthy in their own skin, have happy and balanced relationships and strive to make this world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live.

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trees cut down in 2024

PlenaMata Newsletter

trees cut down in 2024
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