The president of Suzano, a pulp and paper corporation, is optimistic that Glasgow will pave the way for implementing a carbon market linked to the Paris Agreement

As reported by Valor, Walter Schalka, Suzano’s CEO, stated that the implementation of a regulated carbon market linked to the Paris Agreement which may take place after COP26 is very important. For the executive, this is a relevant step to unlock the system of financing investments in decarbonisation.

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Schalka evaluates that the agreement may give birth to “the history’s biggest investment plan” in sustainability. This will also cause social and economic consequences in addition to environmental ones.

“We are talking about complex negotiations involving different interests and that, obviously, will need to come along with practical actions for reducing carbon emissions,” said Schalka, in a statement.

For the CEO of Suzano, the world’s largest eucalyptus pulp producer, the approval of the regulated carbon market should be celebrated. “I left COP26 particularly happy because we are discussing issues that impact 8 billion people in the world and the conference made it clear that we will need immediate and effective actions by governments, companies and consumers”, he stated.

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