It is the second time in almost two decades that Brazil goes to a COP in the dark

The special podcast presented by O Eco discusses the fact that Brazil has gone to COP26 with no official deforestation data at hand. It is the second time in almost two decades that the country goes to a conference of this level in the dark, without having announced its forest loss rates. The first time was in 2016, when rainforest deforestation increased by 29%.

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The explanation for this current  absence of information may be based on a negative scenario. Since the beginning of this COP, the Ministry of Foreing Affairs has worked hard to improve the country’s international negative image in the environmental area. Since 2019, when Bolsonaro’s administration took office, deforestation rates have been on a steady rise and have already surpassed the 10 thousand km² mark per year.

Both the date of the deforestation estimates release and the way in which the data is announced are defined by a few people in Brasilia. In this case, the president and his ministers.

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