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Native vegetation

All the flora that naturally occupies the different biomes of the country according to their soil types, climate, biodiversity and water availability.

Native vegetation isthe set of vegetation that, throughout history, has adapted to different soil, climate, biodiversity and water availability conditions that is currently found in each Brazilian biome. It is the main victim of criminal or licensed suppression of vegetation in the country. Brazil is the South American country that lost the most native vegetation in the last three decades, according to a publication in Science Advances. A balance sheet published on Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation estimated that maintaining legal reserves in rural properties yields R$ 6 trillion annually to the country in services such as pollination, pest control, water security, rain production and maintenance of soil quality. Pursuant to the 2012 federal forestry legislation and voluntary targets for combating the climate crisis assumed by the country, Brazil must recover at least 12 million hectares of native vegetation by 2030.


natural vegetation, native flora

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