Termos técnicos, políticas públicas e iniciativas para chegar ao desmatamento zero e conservar a floresta explicados com um simples clique, via consulta rápida ou completa.


 A system that uses satellite radars to track changes in native vegetation in the Xingu River Basin.

The result of a partnership between the Management and Operational Center of the Amazon Protection System (Censipam) and the Federal University of Goiás, the Integrated Deforestation Alert System for the Legal Amazon (SIAD) adds information on the origins and impacts of deforestation to deforestation alerts, such as whether or not they are associated with fires, infrastructure works, conservation units, indigenous lands, productive activities, etc… It also projects future deforestation and identifies priority areas for inspection and control by public institutions.

We will only be able to stop deforestation if we move forward together

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trees cut down in 2023

PlenaMata Newsletter

trees cut down in 2023
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