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Environmental Regularization Program (PRA)

Instrument defined by the New Forest Code that aims to have rural properties comply with federal environmental legislation.

Mandatory process defined by the 2012 federal forestry legislation for the environmental regularization of rural properties throughout the country. Therefore, owners and squatters of lots in the field that have deficits in Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs) or Legal Reserves (RLs) identified in the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) must commit to Environmental Regularization Programs. Later, they sign agreements with projects that follow the law, with a deadline of May 2032. The lack of APPs can be remedied by restoration or natural regeneration. Legal Reserves can also be targeted for compensation from native vegetation, under certain legal criteria. Fines and other sanctions applied until 2008 can be amnestied with proven environmental regularization of rural properties.

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trees cut down in 2022

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trees cut down in 2022
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