Forest Management Plan

Technical planning process that allows a non-destructive use of native or planted forests.

The Forest Management Plan is a technical plan in which the exploitation of native forests or tree monocultures occurs in a gradual and balanced way, allowing the regeneration of native vegetation or the intentional restoration of tree crops after wood extraction. In this model, only part of the resources is removed in distinct management zones, allowing time and conditions for greenery to return to areas where it was explored. The instrument is a counterpoint to clear-cutting which allows for a non-destructive use of native or planted forests. It can also be applied in the management of non-wood products. It needs to be validated by environmental agencies and can be performed by companies or communities. Management Plans (non-forest) must also be applied in National Parks and other Conservation Units, functioning as a manual for the use of these spaces aimed at maintaining natural ecosystems, services, and scenarios.

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