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Land tenure regularization

Set of measures adopted in rural and urban areas to regularize the permanent settlement of populations in territories as authorized by the government.
Land tenure regularization is a legal and administrative measure adopted in rural and urban areas to legalize the permanent settlement of populations in territories as authorized by federal, state, or municipal governments. The main target of regularizations is unallocated public land, such as untitled land. Land reform settlements are also benefited by actions for land title regularization, allowing the permanent possession of land by small-scale rural producers. The process of granting titles to public lands across the country was accelerated and facilitated by the extreme right-wing government of Jair Bolsonaro, which, together with a portion of the National Congress, is pressing for the approval of laws that could open the way for the regularization of illegally owned public lands in the Amazon and other biomes. Among the proposals is the so-called Landgrabbing Bill (PL 2633/2020), which, in the opinion of parliamentarians and socio-environmentalists, will legalize criminal occupations, directly benefiting those who try to steal public lands.

Synonyms: land regularization, settlement regularizations.

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