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Natural ecosystem

Terrestrial or aquatic environment in which there is an interaction between living beings and non-living elements.

Natural ecosystems are spaces of varying sizes where there is an interaction between living beings and “non-living” elements (such as rocks, soil, atmosphere, sunlight and water) tending towards balance. Natural ecosystems can be terrestrial, such as forests, woods, dunes, fields, deserts, mountains and the like; or aquatic, such as natural or artificial lakes (dams), rivers, seas, mangroves, swamps and others. They can range from the micro and small scale, like a puddle left by rain, to large rainforests rich in wildlife. All are interconnected by the so-called biosphere, which encompasses all places on the planet where life exists.


natural biocenosis, natural biosystem

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trees cut down in 2023

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trees cut down in 2023
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