Correntão (Big Chain)

A technique that uses a large chain pulled by tractors for the rapid felling of native vegetation.

A technique used for the rapid removal of native vegetation which uses large chains, usually pulled by bulldozers, knocking down everything in their path. It often causes irreparable damage to fauna and flora,  especially to endangered species, as well as aggravating soil erosion and facilitating criminal deforestation. Despite this, the equipment is widely used in the Cerrado and Amazon, as well as other regions in the country. It can even be purchased over the Internet. Legislative projects signed by deputies Rosa Neide (PT-MT) and Sarney Filho (PV-MA) want to prohibit the practice in the country and define harsher penalties for those who insist on its use. The proposals are being discussed in the Chamber of Deputies since 2013 and 2016, respectively.

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