Legal Amazon

A region that occupies almost half of all Brazilian territory, covering 9 states and an area larger than the Amazon biome itself.

The Legal Amazon is made up of 772 municipalities in 9 states: Rondônia (52), Acre (22), Amazonas (62), Roraima (15), Pará (144), Amapá (16), Tocantins (139), Mato Grosso (141) and Maranhão (181). It houses the entire Amazon biome and parts of the Cerrado and Pantanal. It has an area of 5,015,067.75 km², or 58.9% of the Brazilian territory, and is the home of around 25 million people – 12% of Brazil’s population, including 77% of its indigenous population. The region was defined to support the activities of the Superintendence for the Development of the Amazon (Sudam), following the dictates of the Federal Constitution and Complementary Law 124/2007. The idea originated in the 1950s, when the military dictatorship thought of a homogeneous and integrated economic growth for the whole of the tropical rainforest. Banco da Amazônia was established with the same goals in mind.

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