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Joining forces for an end to deforestation in the Amazon.

A living forest is better for everyone. The PlenaMata platform was created from this perspective. We mobilize people, businesses, institutions and communities for a great purpose: to work together for forest conservation and ending deforestation in the Amazon. Here, knowledge will generate movement. For this, we bring together data, indicators, analysis and shine a light on initiatives for the conservation and regeneration of the Amazon.

Mapping and analysis
Stories, information, and localized and contextualized data about the Amazon

Good initiatives
New ideas, technologies, methodologies, models, and good examples of projects for conservation and halting deforestation in the Amazon.

Data for knowledge
Network of shared information to generate knowledge, always with an eye on ecosystems, production chains, traditional communities, and peoples.

Collective mobilization
We encourage new commitments and actions that bring together different societal actors. We are always open to participation by individuals and organizations.

Learn more about the state of the forest and contribute to its conservation and restoration.

Who we are

The PlenaMata platform is a partnership between Natura, MapBiomas, InfoAmazonia, hacklab/ and Natura&CO.

MapBiomas is a collaborative network formed by NGOs, universities, and technology startups, which reveals the transformations in the Brazilian territory through science, making knowledge about land use accessible to seek conservation and combat changes in climate. It has produced annual land cover and land use mapping since 1985, validates and reports for each deforestation event detected in Brazil since January 2019, and monitors surface water and fire scars monthly since 1985.

InfoAmazonia is a journalistic outlet created in 2012, dedicated to the coverage of the main socio-environmental themes of the Brazilian Amazon region and the nine countries of the region. InfoAmazonia’s journalistic coverage is guided by the use of data and maps to tell stories through geojournalism, innovating in the way of reporting, in research collaboration and republication with other national and international media.

hacklab/ is a technology company that creates digital solutions for building a more transparent and conscious society.

Established in 1969, in São Paulo, Brazil, Natura creates products and services that promote a harmonious relationship with oneself, with others and with nature. For 20 years, Natura has been developing sustainable economic alternatives for the Amazon and, currently, it contributes to the conservation of 2 million hectares of forest in the region.

Natura &Co
Natura &Co is a purpose-driven group made up of four iconic beauty companies: Avon, Natura, The Body Shop and Aesop. In 2020, Natura &Co launched its Commitment to Life, a comprehensive plan that will intensify actions to address some of the most pressing global issues, including the climate crisis and protecting the Amazon, defending human rights and ensuring equality and inclusion, in addition to embracing circularity and regeneration by 2030.

Natura & Co – Commitment to Life 2030


On te media
Daily curatorship of news, information on studies and research related to the issue of deforestation. The content is produced by the ClimaInfo Institute team especially for PlenaMata.

Weekly opinion articles written by a network of regular and guest columnists. The vision of scientists, specialists in public policies, production chains and communities affected by deforestation.

Stories, interviews and investigative stories produced by InfoAmazonia on deforestation especially for PlenaMata.

Good initiatives
Profiles and interviews about initiatives, technologies and good examples of projects to end deforestation in the Amazon.

PlenaMata Newsletter


trees cut down in 2024

PlenaMata Newsletter

trees cut down in 2024
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