President of COP26 uses the expression “deep disappointment” to define the results agreed upon by the countries in Glasgow

The exchange of the term “phase out” for “phase down” of coal use in the COP26’s final document – wrenched by India and China at COP’s final moments  – is emblematic. It shows why the conference president, Alok Sharma, said at the end, “I apologise for the way this process has unfolded. I also understand the deep disappointment.”

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Likewise, environmentalists and scientists, even politicians from some countries, expressed their concerns about the lack of assertiveness in the outcome document. “I am very disappointed that the text has been watered down, for me there is no scenario in which we stay at 1.5°C if we don’t eliminate coal,” Dan Jorgensen, Denmark’s Minister of Climate and Energy, told Folha.

The issue of the lack of a definition on how rich nations will finance poor countries’ projects to fight global warming also drew attention on the negative side. “We are disappointed with the pending pledge of US$ 100 billion and I call on all donors to make this a reality next year,” said the executive secretary of the UN Climate Convention, Mexico’s Patricia Espinosa at the end of the COP26.

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