One Brazil’s leading experts in environmental law relates how she has worked to force the government to comply with the law

Suely Araújo, in an interview with Globo/Valor, helped to articulate a real legal siege against Bolsonaro government’s environmental policy. The pressure from the former IBAMA president between 2016 and 2018 and one of the country’s leading experts in environmental legislation is already bearing fruit according to her.

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One of the lawsuits, for example, aims to pressure the government not to perpetrate a climate tricky maneuver. That is to step back on the goals of reducing greenhouse gases, by applying mathematical subterfuges saying that it is doing the opposite.

The lawyer, a senior specialist at the network of NGOs Climate Observatory, also provided technical support to climate activists. As it happens in other countries in the world, Brazil is also seeing the issue of climate litigation, lawsuits that try to oppose Executive and Legislative powers’ abuses, getting stronger and stronger.

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