In a 5-minute official speech at COP, Joaquim Leite stumbled down

As Folha de São Paulo reported, Environment Minister Joaquim Leite made at least two controversial statements during his speech of just over 5 minutes at COP26’s high-level segment. One of them spoke about the greenhouse gas reduction targets presented by the country in Glasgow.

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For the Environment Minister, “they were even more ambitious targets”. However, what the government announced skipped mentioning that  they had worsened in its 2020 NDC. The new Brazilian target of reducing emissions by 50% until 2030, put the national plans back on the same terms as they were in 2015.

“We also recognise that where there is a lot of forest there is also a lot of poverty” was another statement made by Leite in the official speech. The minister’s attempt to justify the need for an environmental services market to be implemented in the Amazon is not supported by reality. Over the last two decades various studies have totally dissociated the link between forest and poverty.

This does not mean that it is not important for local communities to receive through benefit sharing mechanisms what they are entitled to by their traditional knowledge passed on between generations.

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