At COP26, Amazon Watch raises the alarm on the critical situation in the Amazon

“The Amazon is reaching a tipping point. The Amazon is in a state of emergency”, said Leila Salazar-Lopez, executive director of the NGO Amazon Watch, during COP26  in Glasgow. According to O Estado, beyond promises of money to help the region, activists called for practical actions  to be effectively taken,.

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“In recent days we have heard of billions to protect indigenous people and forests”. According to her, however, it is necessary to stop funding activities of the oil sector and other fossil fuels, not only in the Amazon, but throughout the world.

In Ecuador and Peru, according to Leila, there are oil companies all around the Amazon. “We have no more time. We have to stop financing its degradation.”

In a press event held during COP26, other NGOs and Amazon indigenous leaders criticized the strong presence of oil companies in areas close to the forest. For them, this type of activity also should not be financed anymore.

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