Mothers of the Mangrove


The collaborative network aims to bring visibility to communities located in 12 Extractive Reserves in Pará

Mangroves are birthplaces for various marine species, providing shelter for mammals, birds, reptiles and insects and also serve as a source of revenue for the families who reside in coastal areas.

“Mothers of the Mangrove” is a network formed of about 700 women who live on the Amazon coast of Pará and contribute to the preservation of the biodiversity of this ecosystem.

One of these women is Sandra Regina Pereira Gonçalves, 52, the granddaughter and daughter of shellfish harvesters.

We inform people so that they won't degrade, remove wood or burn the surrounding areas, since the environments are fragile. We hold meetings, discussion forums and seminars.

- Sandra Regina 

The shellfish that they catch depend on this environment to feed and survive. The mangrove also serves as a spawning area for fish.

According to Rare Brasil, a social organization that supports the network, the traditional way of life has been preserved thanks to the women's sustainable management.

According to Miraci Negrão de Lima, 49, the group is essential in helping women to fight together for the preservation of the mangroves.

I breathe the mangrove. My family breathes the mangrove. And for me, the network is incredibly important in raising awareness related to the mangrove. And, as a network, we also fight so that we, women shellfish harvesters, will be more valued.

- Miraci Negrão

REPORTING Priscila Pacheco WRITTEN AND EDITED BY: Carolina Dantas PHOTOS Acervo Mães do Mangue; Acervo Rare Brasil; Enrico Marone. VISUAL IDENTITY  Clara Borges ASSEMBLY Luiza Toledo